Friday, October 8, 2010

Morning, Campers

I'm heading to the Atlassian AtlasCamp next week with three other guys from work; it should be two and a half days of fun and intensity (plus seafood and beer ;-)), learning how to extend JIRA / Fisheye / Crucible and meeting lots of developers from Atlassian and external plugin companies. I'll report back on how it goes in another post.

We're trying to extend JIRA in quite a few ways at work, so I'm hoping to find answers to a few things (and ideally apply the "lazy engineer" principle of stealing code that someone has already written rather than doing it myself !). The main ones at this point are:
  • Using JIRA for test case management (TCM)
  • Getting build analytics out of JIRA, Fisheye and Perforce that will show all the changes that went into a release, without having to drill down into individual JIRA issues

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